How Do You Like Them Apples?

When I told the kids I wanted to make caramel apples, they were indifferent. Disappointed, even.

"But mama, caramel apples aren't Halloween-y! I thought we're only doing Halloween-y things this October!?"

True, you can (and we do) enjoy caramel apples any time of the year. But there's something special about making them in the fall, with crisp apples so juicy they squirt you in the eye if you take too huge a bite. Quite a few people must agree with me, because this is the only time of the year the supermarkets stock up with huge bags of Kraft caramels, all printed with the recipe for caramel apples, popsicle sticks conveniently included in the bags.

Besides, all you have to do to make caramel apples Halloween-y is roll them in orange and green sprinkles. or drizzle them with lines of chocolate so they look like a pumpkin. And as long as there's an apple in the middle, you can fool yourself into believing it's a healthy treat!

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Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Those look yummy. I have forgotten how easy they are to make too.