31 Days of Pink: Week 1 Update

We're done with the first week of October, and I have to say that wearing something pink every day has been a piece of cake. Pink-frosted cake.

Blogging about it each and every day is another matter altogether. I've posting my daily photo to my 31 Days of Pink photo album, but I've been so busy that I've my daily Pink Post slide. To ease my guilt, I'm giving myself permission to bunch up several of my Pink Photos in one post:

Day 6: I woke without a hint of soreness from last week's 60-mile walk, so I decided to work out. I have quite a few pink workout shirts so wearing a pink outfit was easy. As you can see, The Pea had no problem finding something pink to wear either.

Day 7: I accessorized with a pink bracelet, while The Pea wore the shirt I got for her from Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan. It's one of my favorite shirts, and I wish I had gotten one for myself!

Day 8: Today I took the kids to Ardenwood Farm for some fresh air and fall fun, so I wore this cap to keep the sun off my face. The photo doesn't show it too well, but the pink writing makes a nice contrast with the brown hat.

Stay tuned for next week's Pink Photo roundup. Again, if you are wearing anything pink this month or doing anything to promote breast cancer awareness, leave a comment on this post because I'd love to visit your blog and cheer you on for all that you are doing!

And speaking of pink, I'm planning a Pink Product roundup on my review blog, Bonggamom Finds, featuring some products that are donating money to breast cancer charities. If you have any great Pink Product recommendations, I'd love to hear about them. Watch out for my Pink Product posts, and while you're on Bonggamom Finds, don't forget to enter my 9th Kellogg's $100 Visa gift card giveaway. Or my $150 Visa gift card giveaway. Or any of my giveaways going on at Bonggamom Finds. Or, for that matter, any of the giveaways on my Friday Finds linky.

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