In which I almost get thrown out of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure

Okay, that's a sensationalist title. I just wanted to get your attention. But I probably would have gotten myself thrown out of the walk, or at least given a very stern slap on the wrist, had I not been paying attention to the informational video that I had to watch in order to complete my online check-in for the event. Had I been distracted by some blog post that I had to do, or some hilarious new video on YouTube, or had one of the kids complained that they've run out of underwear (meaning I neglected to do the laundry yet again), I might have missed three Very Important Rules of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure:

1) Follow all signs, all rules, and all volunteers' instructions during the event.
2) No running while on the course.
3) Do not use headphones, iPods, MP3 players or cellphones while on the course.

You're allowed to walk at a snail's pace. You're allowed to munch on a burrito while you're walking (if you can get your hands on one). You're even allowed to wear colors other than pink. But if you break these Cardinal Rules, you'll be asked to leave.

I had every intention of complying with the first rule; as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't even need to be a rule. Of course I have to do what the volunteers and staff say!

I have to admit that I was thinking about running a couple of miles for each of the three days. Once I get all warmed up and the endorphins kick in, it's hard not to break out into a run, especially when a particularly inspiring song comes up on my iPod (Not everyone may think Phil Collins' songs from the Disney Tarzan movie are inspiring, but hey, to each his own). I had no idea that running was not allowed -- but I completely understand why they have this rule. It's not a race and it's not about who's first to the finish line. It can be dangerous for runners and walkers when a runner is weaving in and out of a bunch of walkers. I have no problem at all with walking the whole way.

The third rule is going to be the most difficult to stick to. When I first read it, I couldn't believe it -- I can't listen to music while I walk? I'll be alone with my thoughts for 7 hours each day? For three whole days?? Oh man, that's harsh. It's okay for people walking with friends, but I'll be all alone. What a bummer.

I do get it -- it's a safety thing. When you've got those headphones between your head, it's all too easy to get lost in your own world. I get that you need to be able to hear not only announcements from volunteers and staff, but also the noise of the road. I know that from personal experience -- on one of my training walks last week, I almost got run over by a bike coming up behind me on the sidewalk, because I couldn't hear him shout, "On your left!". That doesn't make me any happier about having to comply. But of course I'm going to, because I want to do this, with or without Swing Out Sister and Madonna. I'm just going to have to make some new friends along the way!

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Energizer is sponsoring my participation fee and fundraising requirement for this event, but I would love to be able to raise more for breast cancer. Please help me reach my goal of $1000! Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. You can click on the widget below to donate to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Help me reach my goal for the Susan G. Komen San Francisco Bay    Area 3-Day for the Cure!

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Kim Moldofsky said...

This will also force to socialize with your fellow walkers. ;-) Who wants to be alone in their head for that long?