Aloha Friday - Go to Bed!

About Aloha Friday: Aloha Friday is a fun, simple meme from Kailani at An Island Life. Every Friday she asks a simple question on her blog, invites participants to answer her question in the comments section, then invites participants to ask a question of their own on their own blogs. Every day feels like a summer Friday over in Hawaii, so I'm making Aloha Friday one of my summer blogging goals -- to join the meme every Friday until school starts!

In the summer the days are longer, the weather is warmer and our schedules are looser. The kids go to bed a little later and sleep in a bit longer. With their return from the UK, jetlag is playing even more havoc with our schedules. I'm not looking forward to getting back to our normal schooltime routine, but the first day of school is just over a week away and it's got to be done. Just the thought of it is making me want to crawl back into bed for another half hour of sleep.

Today's Aloha Friday Question: How firm is your kids' bedtime?

In theory the kids are supposed to be in bed at 8PM. In practice, we're usually still in the middle of our bedtime story at 8PM -- and often we're just starting. Many nights, especially in the summer, 8PM finds us still rushing the kids in and out of the shower, or worse, still driving home from dinner out. I know some parents who have a firm 7:30PM deadline and I have no idea how they do it. I also know some parents whose kids are awake at 10PM and I have no idea why they do it. I guess every family is different.

What time are your kids supposed to be in bed? And what time do they really get into bed?

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