Monday Mornings: Crappy morning, happy (birth) day

This was me, eight years ago on the morning of April 6th. I was NOT having a great morning, seeing as I had been up all night with labor pains. I've got the gory details on another blog post, so to cut a long story short, around 8AM, my contractions had slowed down; they were about to send me home again but after all the agony I had been through, I said NO F-ING WAY.... Break that bag of waters!

Fortunately, just before 9PM, I met The Pea for the very first time, and all the pain became worth it. Thus a crappy morning became a happy day, which is pretty much a good way to summarize these past 8 years with the Pea: sometimes crappy, but on the whole, very, very happy. Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!!!


Lisa said...

A belated but very happy birthday to Sweet Pea.

annies home said...

happy belated birthday to your little sweet pea. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering a great giveaway for a terrific prize