Wow indeed!

I've been meaning to check out the annual Stanford Powwow ever since I first arrived here in 1994, but somehow I never got around to it. I finally decided that 2008 would be Powwow Year. Since today is Mother's Day and I got to call the shots, I dragged Alfie and the kids along with me. I knew they'd enjoy all the costumes and dancing and crafts, and I wasn't wrong.

I didn't know whether it would be tacky to ask the participants to pose for pictures with us (after all, they're not Disney mascots) but everyone seemed to be doing it, so I set aside my reservations (no pun intended) and began clicking away.


deedee said...

Happy Mother's Day! That looks like a fun powwow :)

Wendy said...

We attended one at Dartmouth College last year & it was amazing! I also found everyone to be very gracious about having pictures made.

Happy Mother's Day!

Heart of Rachel said...

It looks like a fun activity. Glad you had a wonderful time with the family.

Happy Mother's Day!