My birthday present

Look at what I got for my birthday! No, not these yummy Filipino snacks from my childhood days (although this is a rare treat, since my mother just arrived from Manila and brought them with her). I'm talking about the lens I used to take the photo.

Behold my new macro lens, the one I've wanted since I first found out what a macro lens is. It's not a high-end lens by any means, but I've read some good reviews and I'm convinced it's a good macro lens for a beginner like me. I'm looking forward to taking lots of closeups of food, babies, flowers and the like. With a bit of practice and luck, hopefully someday the Filipino snack photos I take will look more like these.

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Heart of Rachel said...

Nice treats. We love Choc Nut too.

Glad you finally got the lens you want. Enjoy!