Pssst! Wanna Buy some Girl Scout Cookies?

When The Pea's Brownie troupe leader first approached me and invited her to join the troup earlier this year, my first question was, "Will she have to sell Girl Scout cookies?". The answer was No, but here we are at the beginning of Girl Scout Cookie season, and here we are, selling cookies.

In fairness, Pea's troupe leader did tell the truth -- cookie selling is indeed optional, and The Pea's troupe leaders are really nice and low-key about all of it. No, the main driving force behind this sales push is The Pea herself. Who would have guessed? Neither Alfie nor I are salespeople; in fact, the thought of accompanying The Pea as she knocks on doors and utilizes her selling skills/cuteness/guilt tactics to sell cookies just fills us with dread.

The Pea, on the other hand, is really excited about the whole thing. She came out of this Wednesday's Brownie meeting raring to go, with her new Brownie vest in hand and her sales pitch in her head. Like all successful businesswoman, she has set a goal for herself -- 50 boxes. She chose this lofty number because it's what she needs to earn herself a Cookie keychain. Thank goodness she doesn't want a digital camera (sell 800 boxes of cookies) or an iPod (1,000 boxes).

Her grand total so far? 10 boxes. That total will probably improve over the next few weeks (she has only sold to her aunts and grandparents so far and hasn't done any door-to-door selling yet). But I'm not particularly keen on selling cookies for her, and Alfie doesn't want to be one of those parents who do their kids' fundraising for them at the office. Nor do we plan to buy 40 boxes of cookies so that she can reach her goal. So I'm wondering whether to gently suggest, that rather than the keychain, perhaps she ought to aim for the Iron-on Cookie patch (24 boxes) instead.


Whirlwind said...

Wow, you have much better prizes! I think daughter would prefer the keychain for 50 over the light up compact mirror. Her personal goal is 500 to get the star pillow. There is no way in HELL she's gonna get that many! When we told her that she probably wouldn't reach 500, she said, okay, how about 200?

little 'i' said...

What part of the country are you in? The page says United States, but here in Georgia we don't have the last three kinds of cookies you show there (they look yummy!) and all except the thin mints have different names here.

Our prizes don't start until 75 boxes and that's for a star-shaped patch. My daughter wanted to sell 375 to get a journal, foofy pen, and star-shaped night light. Our troop just closed our cookie sales and she came up short, but not as short as I'd predicted, at 353 boxes.

Anonymous said...

Are you still selling cookies. I live in maryland and we dont have the lemonade cookie can I buy some from your daughters