Guest blogger of the day: CleanBoy

I now present to you a story written (actually dictated to Alfie) by CleanBoy, age 4, entitled Power Rangers.

Once upon a time, there were two bad people who were Power Rangers -- and they had guns! And they shot a bad guy and the Power Rangers had claws. When they were done, they went back home. And on the way home they saw another bad guy and shot him out of the window. But there was a nice rainbow -- and they accidentally shot the rainbow -- because they were doing computer and they didn't know what they were pressing.

Then they were rowing a boat and they shot underwater, and then they went far away back to their house where they shot the wires. They were running in the house and they jumped on a ball and slipped.

Then they were ice skating, and they bumped into some people because they were going too fast! When they were in the shower they slipped because it was dark.

The End

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Heart of Rachel said...

An action-packed story. Clean Boy certainly has a great imagination.