A cooked breakfast

Ahhh..... now for a little Me Time. The Pea is at school and the boys are busy with their toy trains. It's drizzling outside, the kind of cool, misty day that everyone prayed for back when I lived in the Philippines. I'm sitting at the computer right now, enjoying a breakfast of scrambled eggs and salsa (oops, don't tell my husband, we're not supposed to eat upstairs!).

Ahhhh.... a hot cooked breakfast. What a treat. There just isn't time in the mornings to cook. Microwaving oatmeal for two minutes is the longest I'm willing to spend; it's usually cold cereal and milk. Well, there goes the mommy guilt again. Alfie and I grew up with hot breakfasts in abundance. In the Philippines, we had eggs and longganiza (our Filipino breakfast sausage) or Spam (yes, Spam!) with hot garlic fried rice. Hot chocolate and sweet rolls. Alfie's English breakfast consisted of rashers of bacon, fried eggs and mushrooms and tomatoes. But then again, there was always someone else cooking them for us.

Fortunately, the kids are fine with cereal and fruit on the weekdays, and most weekends. Sometimes I "treat" them to freezer waffles and syrup, or toast a muffin and slather it with butter and jam. On some weekends I even fire up the waffle iron or whip up a nice omelet for the whole family to enjoy. At least I'm not setting them up for obesity and heart disease, right?

I'm pushing the mommy guilt aside. For now, I'm savoring my scrambled egg and salsa and thinking of hot cooked breakfasts.


Wendy said...

A hot cooked breakfast once in a while is good for the soul! Good for you for pushing mommy guilt aside and enjoying it!

Liza on Maui said...

ahhh longganiza and rice! YUM! My daughter and I had that for breakfast yesterday (I bought from a Filipino store:)

enjoy your mommy time