Welcome to my site

Hi everyone. I'm Ana and this is my new blog. Why have I decided to start my own blog? I'm already a contributing writer for an up-and-coming young moms blog, the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Far more people will visit that site and read my posts than ever will chance upon this humble little blog.

The thing is, SV Moms Blog is where people go to for funny, heartwarming stories about moms and kids that aren't so perfect. And believe me, I'm not perfect. And neither are my kids. When I feel like screaming and I want to pretend I don't have kids, I go blog on SV Moms Blog. But sometimes I have a day when I do feel like my kids are perfect, and I'm the greatest mom on earth. I want to celebrate days like these, sing my kids' praises from the rooftops. Well, this is my rooftop.

It's my hope that this blog can be a more personal story. I'm relatively new to blogging, so for now, at least, I want to k.i.s.s. (keep it simple, sisters) and blog about the main focus of my life, my kids. Later on, I'll start talking about other long-running addictions such as shopping (discount shopping in particular!), food (or avoiding it) or fledgling interests like jewelry making or cake decorating.

To all my family and friends, especially those who live far, far away, I hope you visit this blog often to see what we are up to. To passing strangers and random visitors, don't you think my kids are cute? Hope you come back and talk about your own cute kids.
Aargh, here are my kids, climbing up my lap and fighting for more computer time. So, gotta go. See you again soon.

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