Things that suck (and rock) about being tall


Dear Pea

Yesterday I posted a photo of you on Facebook; it was taken yesterday at your dance concert.  I was so proud of your grace, your beauty and your height.... but I know being tall isn't something you're particularly enjoying at this moment in your life.  I know you hate being the tallest in your dance class, being as tall or taller than the 15, 16, 17 year olds at age not-quite-thirteen.  I know you wish you were tiny and petite like your friends, instead of big and gigantic (as you put it).

Believe me, I know.  You get your height from me, remember?  I was 12 once.  To make matters worse for a 5 feet, six inch adolescent (who eventually grew to reach 5' 8"), I grew up in the Philippines, where the average height for males is 5 feet, 4 1/2 inches, and the average height for females is 4 feet, 11 inches.  Back then, I felt just like you do now.

But Pea, I swear to you, it gets better.  I know you don't believe me (and you've told me multiple times that you don't), but you will grow (pun intended) to love your height.  All my tall friends who commented on your post feel the same way -- being tall sometimes sucks when you're growing up, but it actually rocks.

So, to help you on your journey, I've made a list of things that suck and things that rock about being tall, along with things that you think might suck, but actually don't.  Just give it time.  Gradually, your back will straighten and your chin will lift up and you'll put on a pair of 3-inch heels and love how you look in them.  One day, you will come back to my blog and read this post and smile.  You might add a few things to my list, take a few things away, but on the whole you're going to realize that your old mother (who will have probably shrunk a few inches by then) that she was right.

Your mother (who now actually wishes she were an inch taller)

Things that suck about being tall:

Your legs will be cramped on planes, trains, tour buses, roller coasters, and small cars.

Your feet will stick out of small beds.

Your head will stick out of short sleeping bags.

Tall people usually have big feet... and the shoe options for big feet suck.

Things that suck about being tall when you're young and insecure, but cease to matter when you get older:

You're always in the back row of every school photo and at the end of every PE line.

You never feel like wearing heels.

You always feel like slouching.

None of the guys shorter than you in middle school want to dance with you, and none of the guys shorter than you in high school will want to date you (and there will be LOTS of guys shorter than you).

People look at you funny when the guy you're dating is shorter than you.

You'll never be described as petite or dainty or any of those "ideal" feminine attributes.

You stand out in a crowd.

Things that rock about being tall:

You'll never get claustrophobia in a crowd because you'll be able to see above other people's heads.

You'll always get to see the parade and the celebrities on stage.

A few extra pounds are more forgiving on a taller frame.

Your legs go on for miles (especially when you're in heels!).

If you do end up dating a guy shorter than you, you know he's secure enough in himself that silly male/female height stereotypes don't bother him.

You stand out in a crowd.

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Katy @ said...

I'm 5'11"! Being tall past adolescence is great. People notice tall gals. I get to help short people get things off high shelves. It made playing basketball fun. I'm able to pass my hard-earned self-acceptance on to my own daughter. It does stink in adolescence...but so does having pimples, thinking you're fat, thinking you have no friends, not having a cool car, and all the other things that *everyone* is thinking about themselves in the teen years. You'll come out of it strong!