Lunchtime love

Cream cheese sandwich, cherry tomatoes, strawberries

Last week just flew by!  What with coordinating Valentine's Day parties, crafting Valentines, supervising the arduous process of thank-you-note writing for the boys' birthday presents, helping The Pea choose her electives for next year, signing the kids up for summer camp, getting two root canals and catching a cold, I totally forgot to put up my weekly lunch post.   I really enjoyed putting together the kids' Valentine's Day lunches -- I did the whole cutesy red hearts theme -- and I just had to show the photo off today.  Not that any of my other lunches are packed with any less love!

 Cheese quesadilla, green salad with ranch dressing, blueberries

 Almond butter on whole wheat, dried mangoes, strawberries

 Veggie corn dog, dried apple chips, mozarella and prosciutto roll, rice krispy treat

Bruschetta with olives and tomato sauce, strawberries

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Asianmommy said...

How sweet--love the hearts.