What's for lunch this week?

Burrito (I forgot what was inside it), extra lettuce, tortilla chips, strawberries & blueberries

The crazy holiday season is already starting to wreak havoc on my stress levels -- mail holiday cards!  decorate home!  supply cookies for class holiday party!  volunteer for Nutcracker!  shop for presents!  prepare for trip! lose sanity!   -- but so far I'm still managing to pack lunch every day.  I almost caved in one day and asked The Pea to buy a hot lunch at school instead, but she told me, "No, mom, the school lunches are so disgusting and unhealthy, I'd much rather have a packed lunch!".  With that kind of praise, how could I not pack her a lunch?!

 Cheese & tomato panini, cherry tomatoes, mixed fruit salad

Veggie corn dog, Nutri-Grain bar, cherry tomatoes, blackberries

PBJ sandwich, Babybel cheese, strawberries, grapes

Veggie sandwich on whole wheat, kale chips, chocolate cake

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Asianmommy said...

Yum! Love the heart-shaped sandwich. :)