Yup, that's my dad

3Po: Mama, why did you buy a devil bathrobe costume for daddy?

Me: Because he wants something cool to wear for your school's auction party next weekend.

3Po: But I thought the auction party was a pajama party -- so why does daddy need a devil costume? Why doesn't he just wear his pajamas to the party?

Me: Because wearing plain old pajamas would be boring. Your daddy wants to wear a smoking jacket to the pajama party; we're going to cut off the devil's tail and he'll leave the devil horns at home.

3Po: But what's a smoking jacket?

Me: Oh, it's like a bathrobe that sophisticated men and, um, playboys wear to, um, pajama parties.

3Po: What's a playboy?

Me: Oh, um, a playboy is a man who likes women and, um, has lots of girlfriends.

3Po: Oh, yeah, that's daddy all right.

*(note: To save Alfie's reputation, I feel obligated to add that after I had finished sputtering and asked 3Po if daddy had told him that, 3Po did reply "Yes, daddy told me he had lots of girlfriends before getting married". But still.)