Can I brag about my kids now?

My latest program with BlogHer was so much fun -- we're promoting ABC's new show, No Ordinary Family, and we were asked to write about what makes our family extraordinary. I could have gone the conventional route and taken the opportunity to brag about my kids. For instance, I could have said things like:

* The Pea is the most gorgeous creature on earth. I think she must have been Helen of Troy in a previous life, and it amazes me that those model talent scouts haven't discovered her yet.

* 3Po is destined to become a soccer superstar. He's running rings around the other kids and I think he should be playing with 10 year olds.

* Jammy is going to win the Nobel Prize in Mathematics -- well, he would, if they had one, and I have a feeling they're going to create one especially for him. Both his kindergarten and first grade teacher have told me how good he is with numbers so obviously we have a genius in our hands.

But I didn't, because you might think I'm an insufferable, delusional stage mom. So I took a different approach, and assigned each member of our family a superpower that's every bit as impressive as the powers of the characters on ABC's new show. Click here to read more about our superpowers ....

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