Back to the Couch

With all the traveling we did, this summer was relatively tv-free . But the fall tv season is upon us, so I'm setting my timers and dusting off my spot on the couch. There are a ton of new shows -- NBC's Paul Reiser Show, CBS's Hawaii Five-0 remake, ABC's No Ordinary Family (and speaking of which, check out my BlogHer Superhero post!) -- and I might watch an episode or two to see if they're any good, but these 5 are on my Must See TV List:

1) Alfie might disown me for admitting this, but I'm a certified Gleek, and I can't wait for the new season to start tonight! I've always been a fan of Broadway musicals, and I love the way Glee has brought this genre back to mainstream culture (although I'm glad the choir aspect gives characters the excuse to sing, so they don't just break out into song the way they did in Oklahoma or My Fair Lady). Glee is witty and campy and fun. Sue Sylvester, you can paint a big fat L on my forehead anytime!

2) I've always had a soft spot for House, because Hugh Laurie, as you know, is actually Alfie in disguise (yes, he does show tapings on those evenings when he gets home late). After all the romantic tension between House and Cuddy last season, I'm hoping things don't get all lovey-dovey boring now that they're together -- or worse, turn into a romantic soap opera.

3) Okay, I'll admit, I watch Grey's Anatomy for outrageous plot twists. And the eye candy (McSteamy, not McDreamy. Every time I see Patrick Dempsey on screen I think of him in Can't Buy Me Love, so he's more of a McDorky than a McDreamy to me). At least this candy is sugar-free and fat-free.

4) I love watching Real Time with Bill Maher, really I do, but for some reason I always fall asleep about 30 minutes of the way through. It's not that I'm bored; on the contrary, I think it's one of the most interesting programs out there. I love his humor, his cut-to-the-chase honesty, his willingness to criticize both Republicans and Democrats, his appeals to intellect and reason, not rabid emotion (yes, Glenn and Rush, I'm looking at you!), his insightful guests. But I always end up snoozing. Maybe my brain is overtaxed (notice my other preferred tv shows aren't exactly hard on the intellect), but I'm going to try extra-hard to stay awake for the full hour of Real Time this season!

5) Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8 doesn't come out till 2011, so technically it's not part of the Fall Season, but I have to reserve a spot for it on my Must See TV list because this show is so f-----g brilliant. No other show makes me laugh, gasp and cringe so much as Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it's truly one of the the best shows on TV. Larry and the gang are heading to New York in Season 8, so it's going to be fresh and new and fun, and I can't wait!

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