It's going to be a great weekend (especially if you're a Mom!)

Mother's Day isn't till Sunday, but I've already received some presents from the kids (with strict instructions not to open them until Sunday), and I came home today to find these beauties waiting for me:
They were sent to me by the Yahoo! Motherboard, who obviously know a thing or two about moms and how to make them feel special on this all-important occasion! And since this week's Photo Hunters theme is "Mom", I'm posting some mom-themed photos to decorate my blog for the weekend:

The day I first became a mother:

3 generations of mothers: My mother, my grandmother and I.

Finally, a cute Mother's Day poster from the upcoming movie Despicable Me:

This photo was inspired by the latest Photo Hunt theme. Feel free to leave links to your own Photo Hunt entries below. And for more addictions, click here.

1 comment:

MJ Tam said...

Oh I love those pictures! You're Mom and Grandmother are so beautiful just like you.

And I love my Ymotherboard flowers too!

Anyway, Happy Mother's Day!