Celebrity who?

My aunt in New York is an amateur celebrity stalker. Every time I visit her, she regales me with stories of her latest celebrity sightings. She and her husband love taking me on nighttime drives around Manhattan, showing me "celeb locations" like JFK Jr's old apartment, or where Jerry Seinfeld lives or Madonna's new brownstone. She's the type of woman who will stand in the rain across the street from Maddox Jolie-Pitt's preschool in the hopes of seeing Brangelina.

My aunt would be proud of me.

American Idol Season 9 Finale My sister and I wearing our Cafe Press idol shirts!

I've just arrived from my American Idol Season 9 Finale trip, and I've got lots and lots of photos of AI celebrities.

American Idol Season 9 Finale
Here are Season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini and Season 7 finalist Brooke White. Brooke is absolutely gorgeous, and rake-thin, even more so than the regular Hollywood celeb.

American Idol Season 9 finale
Here I am with Season 7 finalist Kristy Lee Cook. Note how the photo is strategically cropped to disguise how much bigger my hips are than Kristy's.

Now I have a confession to make. At the time, I had no idea who these people were. I recognized them from past Idol seasons but I couldn't place their names. And in true celebrity-stalker mode, we took photos of starlets we didn't even recognize. I told my sister, "Who cares? We can find out who they are later! Just keep snapping!". The important thing is that we saw them....... right?

American Idol Season 9 Finale
Gorgeous, leggy Fox news reporter -- who is wearing, like, 6 inch heels. Are killer shoes a Hollywood prerequisite? How does anyone walk in those things?

I can't believe that I got to stand right next to one of the few Season 9 contestants that I actually knew... and I didn't recognize him! I was so focused on trying to take a photo of Justin Guarini that I didn't really notice the big guy in front of me. My sister was gasping and pointing... him... him... him! I assumed she meant Justin. I just tought the guy was a bodyguard or something. I got tired of snapping Justin so I walked away. When I turned around, the big guy was beside Justin, and something just clicked. Michael Lynch! Aaaaaargh!


Isolated Existence. said...

So lucky you got to see them! I used to do what your aunt does years ago. So much fun, I miss those days :-)

Charity Donovan said...

Too funny! I'll have to remember the "strategic cropping" method! =)