Can we start the day over again?

Today was supposed to be a fabulous day. The sunlight woke me up at 6:30am, so I was able to snooze, gain consciousness gradually, and shake that just-5-more-minutes feeling for 45 minutes. I pulled on a new pair of jeans that had been sent to me for a product review (actually they're pajamas but they look like jeans and they're decent enough to wear in public -- don't worry, I'll explain more in a future Bonggamom Finds review!) and I blessed my luck at all the little perks I receive while doing something I love (blog). The kids have been really good about dressing up and eating breakfast on time, so I was feeling really together as we walked to school.

Until I dropped Jammy off and saw all the car seats lined up in front of the classroom.

Oh crapola! They have a field trip today! I shoved Jammy into his room and ran off to chase after Jammy's classmate's mother, whom I had been talking to just outside the school grounds. I yelled at her to say she had to go home and get a car seat for her son, pronto. She thanked me profusely and ran off, leaving me feeling all pleased as punch (thinking I had done a good deed).

I hurried into Jammy's classroom to ask what time the kids were leaving. She looked at me strangely and told me the field trip is on Friday.

Huh?? So what's with all the carseats? Oh, she said, that's for Room 1, their field trip is today.

Ooooops. I guess I should have known that, seeing as I've actually volunteered to be a driver for the field trip. Double crapola.

All this time, 3Po had been patiently waiting for me to drop him off at his classroom, so I took a deep breath, took 3Po to class, then went into the school office to find the phone number of the woman I sent running back home in a panic. I called her and told her I had sent her on a wild-goose chase. She laughed and said she did wonder why the kids would have two field trips scheduled in a week (she's driving on Friday as well). Fortunately she hadn't left with her son's carseat yet.

There are some days when you really wish there were a RESET button.

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Cascia Talbert said...

I think we've all done something like that before. I hope you have fun on the field trip!