Guest blogger of the day: 3Po

Many months ago I featured my first guest blogger: my son Jammy, with an action-packed Power Ranger story. Not to be outdone, his brother 3Po responded with an equally thrilling piece. As you might guess that they're big on Power Rangers and shooting... (sigh)

Funny Power Ranger Suit, by 3Po
Once upon a time there were 2 Power Rangers who shot a bad guy. They were sailing on a boat and they accidentally shot underwater. They went home and they shot the sun! -- It got bloody -- and it backfired onto a witch! Then they punched someone who was holding a shooter. And after that someone banged outer space,and someone skated over again and shot a big number. It was 16.

The End.


Anonymous said...

With scripts like these from your four year old twins Jammy and 3Po, I'd say the Coen Brothers need to watch their backs... :)

Anonymous said...

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