I've left my mind behind

Okay, this jet lag thing is getting out of hand. When I used to travel for business, I could get over it (or deal with it) within a day. Three days, even four, I can handle. But a whole week? The lack of sleep is starting to do crazy things to my mind:

I missed a dentist appointment on Monday.

On Tuesday I put the milk jug into the cereal cabinet.

Two nights ago, Alfie asked me to get him two Zantacs on my way to bed. He popped them into his mouth, then spat them out, musing, "Funny, this Zantac doesn't feel right". Horrors! I realized I had given him two Zyrtec pills, not Zantac pills! God only knows what made him stop and roll those pills around in his mouth instead of swallowing them outright. Yes, he drives me crazy sometimes but I swear to you, I'm not trying to kill him.

And today, I completely forgot to pick The Pea up from school. I thought it was Tuesday and planned for a 2:20PM pickup. At 1:30 I got a frantic call from Alfie, saying the school had called him because no-one had fetched The Pea. D-uh, it's Wednesday, 1:15 dismissal!

With all these back-to-school activities going on, I'll need to be checking my Yahoo calendar every five minutes for the next several days because I'm terrified of missing something. Oh, and keep me away from the medicine cabinet.

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