Where's the Beef?

It's the beginning of March and it's 70 degrees outside... don't you just love California?! Time to drag the grill out and barbecue me some beef ..... or not.

I was never really into red meat until I became pregnant with 3Po and CleanBoy (is it just folklore, or did that double does of testosterone in my body start the meat craving?). I spent my pregnancy scarfing down burgers and steak fajitas. To Alfie's dismay, my carnivorous urges have stayed with me. He's doesn't like red meat at all, while the thought of hamburgers and steak still make my mouth water. Fortunately for his tastebuds and my cholesterol levels, I happen to love the taste of meatless burgers like Boca Burger, and am perfectly happy grilling those up instead.

So to celebrate the beginning of outdoor barbecuing season, I'm giving away coupons for 2 free packages of Boca Burgers to five readers! Here's how it works: Between now and next Monday, March 10...

* Leave a comment here telling the world why you like Boca Burgers. Leave your blog URL (or email, if you don't have a blog) so I'll know where to find you.

* If you write a post on your blog telling your readers about this giveaway (and linking back to this entry), you are eligible for a coupon for a 3rd free package of Boca Burgers!

* If more than 5 people enter before midnight (PST) on March 10, I'll pick 5 winners at random.

* I'll post the winners' names on Tuesday, March 11 (Sorry, this giveaway is only open to US residents.)

Good luck, and start firing up those grills!


Anonymous said...

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Judy said...

I'm jumping on this bandwagon. :-) I love Boca Burgers because they taste like "real" burgers...without the hassle of having to get the meat, mix in the seasonings and form the patties. They are just darn good burgers... ready to pop out of the freezer and pop on the grill!

Anonymous said...

i would love to win boca burgers because i dont really eat meat due to all the cruelty being done to animals so now all i eat is boca products and soy products.


Anonymous said...

I love boca burgers because they taste like real meAt products but you dont have to feel guilty about the animal that gave their life to feed you.

my email is

bonggamom said...

Hi everyone! I've contacted you via email/your blogs-- please send your mailing address to bonggamom@yahoo.com so I can mail you the coupons. Thanks for participating!