T-Day has arrived

The passports have been found and the tickets have been printed. The camera has been packed and the luggage has been locked. The kids have their roll-on suitcases stuffed with toys and books (I have been surreptitiously removing one or two items every hour or so, and they have been refilling the suitcases with other toys just as quickly).

My roll-on handcarry is stuffed with extra clothes (what if they need to go potty when the "Fasten Seatbelts" sign is on?), the portable DVD (what if the inflight movie is too scary?) and Benadryl (just in case I decide to sedate the kids -- or myself). I've squeezed in one last visit to the gym and done all the laundry.

It's almost time to travel, and we are ready. And just in case my access to the internet in Manila turns out to be more sporadic than I thought, I'm sending early greetings to all the blogosphere -- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


ShannanB said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!

TeacherJulie said...

I hope everything will be according to your plans. Have a safe trip!


Anonymous said...

Fabulous hats!

tintin said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage!