Why I loved our Ballerina Party

Yesterday we celebrated the Pea's 6th birthday. Like all her birthdays, it rained in the morning and the sun shone in the afternoon, but unlike previous years, I didn't wait for the weather to clear and moved on to Plan B: Indoor Party. I think it was a good decision because (a) we were able to decorate the space more effectively indoors, and (b) 7 ballerinas (and 2 ballerinos) would not have enjoyed running around in ballet slippers and thin ballet clothes in the cold afternoon.

I would have blogged about this last night, but after the party we were absolutely exhausted. I think I came down with a cold just hours after it ended, and today I'm sick in bed. Planning and executing the party was more tiring than I thought. I know it's corny to say this, but Love got me through it! (and a little bit of adrenaline).

Love is planning out all the birthday activities with your daughter (read ballet books, watch a ballet video, decorate crowns and cookies, play ballet games and just dance!) and enjoying the time you spend planning it together.

Love is figuring out a way to give your daughter the party of her dreams on a budget, even though it means scouring party stores for sales, hot-gluing your fingers together when making fairy wands by yourself and messing with Adobe Photoshop for hours to stick little girls' heads onto ballerina's bodies for some awesome ballet photos.

Love is turning your kitchen into a ballet wonderland while she's at school, so that when she returns, the sight of it all makes her face light up and takes her breath away.

Love is dressing up in a leotard, tights and tutu skirt even though you feel a bit silly, because your daughter wanted you to be a ballerina for the party as well.

Love is playing Pass The Slipper and Statue Dance and seeing the 7 ballerinas wiggle their hips to the tune of Van Morrison's Star of the County Down and Shakira's Hips Don't Lie.

Love is letting your little brother be a ballerino and decorate a crown if he wants to and letting him play Pass The Slipper even if he's a bit slow. Love is putting up with his whining and letting him open your birthday present and play with it because you understand he wishes it was his party too.

Love is sitting down to a pink table under a pink canopy with ballet plates and cups and napkins and eating yummy food, most of it pink (cupcakes, ice cream, strawberries, pink lemonade, ham sandwiches, and veggie chips).

Love is 7 ballerinas and 2 ballerinos screaming and singing dancing and having the time of their lives.

Love is hearing a guest say, "This is the best party ever!". Even better, love is hearing your daughter say, "This is the best party ever!".

Really, love for the Pea is what made all the effort worth it. Happy Love Thursday!

For more expressions of love, click here. And here are more of my thoughts on yesterday's party here.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Sounds like a wonderful party!


Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet! What a wonderful party!

PastormacsAnn said...

Oh, looks like such a fun time! Love that photo of your ballerina beauty and her lovely cupcake tray. What a special day and a special memories you've made for her - she'll treasure it forever. Happy LT.

PS: Hope you're feeling better soon.

Rachel said...

Gorgeous pics and words. Happy birthday to the pea

jenica said...

adorable. what a sweet mommy!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Pea. You're such a great mom for organizing a fun and lovely party for her. Love the cute cupcakes.