Happy Birthday Silicon Valley Moms Blog!

With all the money, post-graduate degrees, cultures, shares of stock, mansions, BMWs and Priuses floating around, parenting in Silicon Valley certainly has its unique challenges. For instance:

  • Is it difficult to find a mom on the playground who had a first child before turning 30?

  • Do you feel like an uneducated parent if you have a college degree but don't have a doctorate/medical/law/business/any graduate degree?
  • Did your kids learn their alphabet, not via Sesame Street, but through typing out the letters on Microsoft Word?
  • Do the Toyota Priuses and BMW X5's outnumber the Toyota Camrys and Ford Focuses in your neighborhood street?
  • Do three or more children in your son's preschool class have parents who are .com or Google millionaires?
  • Do you feel like you're feeding your kids junk food if your kids' lunch is peanut butter sandwiches on white bread from Safeway instead of organic whole wheat bread from Whole Foods?
  • And does your child's preschool gently remind you that peanut butter is banned from school but soynut butter is a delicious, nutritious and acceptable substitute?
  • Do your kids enjoy hummus and carrots for lunch, blue cheese for snack, sushi for dinner and gelato for dessert?

If so, have I got the blog for you! Whether you want to commiserate with your fellow San Francisco Bay Area parents, read about life in this strange microcosm or just want to laugh at the real and imagined peeves of parents around here, get on over to my other blog, the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, celebrating its first birthday today! Snarky, snippy, thoughtful and true, written by the coolest bunch of moms I know, it's the most successful one-year-old I know (except for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, but then she didn't have to work as hard to get where she is today).

Thanks for getting me hooked on blogging, SV Moms, and happy birthday -- you rock!

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