On second thoughts, make that Happy Springtime!

I just wished the blogging world a Happy Easter in my previous post.... but bearing in mind all the controversy over Easter in the news this past month, perhaps I should have said "Happy Springtime" instead? (Spring officially started last March 21 but nevermind....). Spring Bunny, Mr. Fun. E. Bunny, Spring Egg Hunt...... surely things have gone a bit too far? I don't know what to think.

For Catholics and other Christians, Easter has nothing to do with bunnies and eggs and chicks anyway, it's about Jesus and the Resurrection. So removing the religious connotation (the word "Easter") from activities that are completely non-religious would actually make sense. Oh the other hand, Conservative Christians say that by removing the "Easter" in "Easter Bunny", people are taking PC to absurd heights. They also have a point... but then to be consistent, why are they all bothered over this Chocolate Jesus? Are they outraged because Jesus was depicted in chocolate or because he doesn't have his loincloth covering up the naughty bits? Are they demanding that Cosimo Cavallaro be more PC?

Happy Springtime everyone!

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Writer Bug said...

wow. I had no idea about this controversy. How interseting. I like your idea of seperating out the religious parts from the secular parts. That way everyone could join in on the fun stuff without feeling bad if they don't actually celebrate Easter or Christmas or whatever.

Anonymous said...

Ah, good job of weaving the topic into the holiday-related post.

thefirecat said...

Oh, puh-leeze. Part of the whole mystery of Jesus is that he was the Word of God made man. Hello. That means that he had a penis, just like Edward Cardinal Egan. (the latter, apparently, also has quite a set on him for being so vocally outraged, but that's another story)

Or are they perhaps simply upset that he's not made out of white chocolate.....

(and yes, I am in fact Catholic, in case you were wondering.)

Good post. Much to be thoughtful, and irked, and outraged by. Prepositional placement notwithstanding. ;)

jenica said...

great post. love the twist on the prompt. i think that this prompt was amazing because it's such a worldwide blog that we get a peek at news everywhere.

is it art any more than "the last pancake breakfast?" http://www.detzner.com/lpb.htm
enjoy the chocolate!

bonggamom said...

white chocolate -- oh that was so funny, thefirecat! I was wondering how to include the Barack Obama Jesus controversy into my post, and you've neatly and humorously done it for me!!