Tim and his clones

Today on our walk we met a dog who could have been Tim's sibling! Same color fur, same curly tail, around the same size. 

That size thing is crucial when it comes to Tim, because the only time we are reasonably sure he won't go berserk at a dog is if the dog is the same size or smaller than him. When a dog is bigger, Tim gets anxious, and his anxiety manifests in aggression. His hackles go up, he growls, and he lunges. He is getter better, slowly but surely; many times he won't react to a bigger dog, but we figure better safe than sorry. That's why these positive interactions are so crucial. 

Tim is slowly learning that not all dogs are out to get him. It's so nice to see him "playing" with other dogs. Maybe some day we'll be relaxed and confident that Tim will be on his best behavior with all dogs. For now, seeing him with this little clone is great, and we'll take what we can get.

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