Madonna Inn and the famous restroom I never got to see

image credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you probably know that I am obsessed with themed restrooms. Doing one's business is boring stuff, so I appreciate any effort made to lighten the atmosphere or provide some amusement or distraction. Usually I confine my rave reviews to Disney-themed restrooms; however, the restrooms at the Madonna Inn are so unique and special, they deserve a post of their own.  

The Madonna Inn is one of those well-known places that no-one really understands why they are well-known, until they visit. Given that The Pea has been studying at UCSB for almost 4 years and we drive past the Madonna Inn each time we visit, I wonder why we haven't dropped by sooner. It's right off the 101 freeway in San Luis Obispo, perfect for a bathroom or coffee break (or both). 

The outrageous, kitschy pink decor, the gigantic bakery cakes, the yummy diner food in the restaurant, the lavish souvenir shops, all make this place worth a visit. 

Madonna Inn

But it's the restrooms that have really captivated people's attention. 

They have a fountain in the men's restroom! Men actually PEE into a fountain! If that's not worth a visit, I don't know what is. I tried to convince the boys to take a video when they went into the restroom if no-one was there, but they quickly and vehemently refused, so my dear readers will just have to use their imagination, just like me. I didn't have the courage to take a peek! I had to be content with the ladies' restroom.

Madonna Inn

As you can see, I have no such qualms about restroom photos, as long as the place is empty and I am alone! It is nice and lavish and all, but sadly does not have a fountain (to admire, not to pee in). Oh well, I guess some things are better left to the imagination. 

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