Signs from the San Francisco Women's March, 2018

Today is the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration, and the nation celebrated... with protest marches! The second Women's March was held today, and after the insane year we've had to endure, the need to make our voices heard is greater than ever. Just like last year, The Pea and I donned our pink pussy hats and make the trek to San Francisco's Civic Center to join the thousands marching for the rights of women, immigrants, minorities, LGBT, and other marginalized communities. We had a great time having lunch, listening to the speakers, marching and chanting with the crowd. But our favorite activity by far was reading the passionate and clever signs that marchers proudly waved. Here are some of the signs we saw today:

As expected, the majority of the funny signs involved Trump:

Other signs focused on empowering women and using the power of your vote to bring about change:

Other marchers highlighted specific causes such as LGBT rights or immigrants' rights:

We were amazed by people's creativity! The amount of effort some people took was impressive. We saw some truly one-of-a-kind signs:

Naturally, The Pea and I did not march empty-handed. We brought the posters we made from last year, along with two more signs that I made this morning. One had a Rosie the Riveter/midterm elections theme, and a second with a Princess Leia theme. Both turned out to be a hit! Many people stopped The Pea to ask her if they could take a photo of the signs, or pose with her and the signs.

Some day I hope to be able to plagiarize this amazing woman's sign. Hopefully, by that time there will be nothing to protest.

We loved this set of original artwork signs. They had designs on both sides!

We can't wait to see what signs people come up with next year!

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