Date Night at Bowlero

Now that the kids are older, date night with Alfie is easier than ever. And yet, somehow, date night is still a rarity. I know all the magazines and relationship experts tell you to schedule regular date nights to keep the romance alive, but honestly, we're happy just vegging out on the couch together when The Pea is at dance and the boys are at soccer practice. It's a lot cheaper and takes up far less energy!

That's not to say we don't get out at all. We're both total introverts, but several times a year we'll go out to school auction parties or office Christmas parties. Once in a blue moon we'll even splurge on a concert, symphony, or opera. And we never miss our anniversary -- both of them. We celebrate the date we got married in Vegas as well as the date we got married in church, which means twice the celebrations and twice the fun!

For this year's Vegas wedding anniversary we went bowling! I was invited to the grand opening of Bowlero bowling arcade in San Jose, so I took Alfie as my plus-one. Bowlero isn't just for adults, but at night it takes on a definite nightclub vibe, with low lighting, video walls, and lots of booze on the menu. I've never been a big bowling fan but we really enjoyed the place (read my Bowlero review on Red Tricycle!). I'm already nagging Alfie to convince his co-workers to hold their next office party at Bowlero.

Screw those relationship experts; Alfie and I are doing fine even without weekly date nights. There will be plenty of time for date nights when the kids are out of the house! In the meantime, we'll keep our relationship strong from right where it all began -- on our couch :)

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