Disneyland Holiday Trading Pins: 2015 releases

Disneyland holiday pin trading

The kids and I have been into Disney pin trading and collecting for a couple of years now. Two years ago I made the mistake of not buying the limited edition Mickey's Halloween Party pin. I saw the $15 price and cheaped out. Of course, since was only available at the Disneyland Resort during Mickey's Halloween Party in 2013, the pin is now selling for $30 on eBay. It would have been the perfect memento of my visit, and I've regretted my decision ever since.

After that episode, I make it a point to buy a pin every time I visit a Disney park (and thanks to the Disney Visa card, I can  redeem points for Disney dollars to treat myself and the kids to a small souvenir each time we visit). There are so many pins available at the parks, it's always tough to choose, but I pay special attention to seasonal pins because they're only available at certain times of the year, and they change every year (at least the limited edition ones do).

If you love Disney pin trading or if you're curious about what all the fuss is, you're going to love the rest of this post. If the idea of spending $15 on a pin (and buying dozens of them) mystifies you, then please accept this photo of the beautiful holiday candy apple display as a reward for reading this far! You may not like collectible pins, but everyone loves candy apples, right?

Still with me? Great, because this year's collection of holiday pins at Disneyland will blow your mind! They are adorable, and I wish I could have bought them all, but I had to be content with taking photos of them. Here are all of the holiday pins I saw:

This Mickey pin has a metal loop with a ribbon threaded through it, so it doubles as a tree ornament.

The matching Minnie pin features Minnie with a sprig of mistletoe in the foreground. This was the first out of only two Mickey ears silhouette pins for the holidays that I could find. 3Po was disappointed there weren't more, because he has a growing collection of Mickey ears silhouette pins.

Another ornament/pin, this one features a sulky Tinkerbell in a Santa suit.

The Chip and Dale pins are actually two separate pins, sold as a set.

I love this Feliz Navidad pin!  California Adventure has the Viva Navidad festival so I'm wondering if they have more Spanish language pins or other pins with a Hispanic Navidad theme.

I could only find one Hanukkah pin, which seemed odd. I was hoping to see a few more (maybe one with a menorah?) as well as a Kwanzaa pin.

There were several Cars Land holiday pins. This one is the second Mickey ears silhouette holiday pin.

I absolutely LOVE this pin! It features the cute snow-car on display at the entrance to Cars Land.  I love the peppermint strip cardboard backing almost as much as I love the pin itself. Almost.

Season's Speedings, Let It Tow... love those Cars Land puns!

If you're buying a gift to a fellow pin collector, this is the one you're looking for. It already comes with a holiday greeting card, all ready for giving!

Moving on to another galaxy, this pin + greeting card features a Santa Yoda pin and another clever Star Wars-themed play on a classic holiday phrase.

The Pea loves mystery pin packs, and this one was tempting.  How adorable are these Star Wars gingerbread pins!? I can already see myself making gingerbread cookies and decorating them like these pins!

On to the limited edition pins. Like I said, I'm done with passing on one-of-a-kind pins and regretting it afterwards, so I treated myself to the holiday Diamond Anniversary pin.
Disneyland holiday pin trading

Jammy chose the limited edition Jack Skellington pin which features Jack free-floating inside a snowflake. This pin is very delicate; the pin that holds Jack to the snowflake came off when Jammy removed the pin from the cardboard backing, but fortunately he was able to put it back together.
Disneyland holiday pin trading

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these limited edition Disney gift cards with limited edition pins. For $75, you get a $75 Disney gift card and a pin, which essentially makes the pin free! You'll be spending money inside the park for food and snacks and souvenirs anyway, and you can easily spend $75 in a day. Even if you don't spend it all, the balance never expires, so you can use up the rest of your gift card on your next visit to a Disney park, or at a Disney store! This one was a no-brainer -- I bought two, and I'm already regretting not buying all four.

This is by no means a complete list. Not even close. More holiday pins will be available in December, and some pins are exclusive to Disneyland, while others are exclusive to Walt Disney World. So many pins, so little time (and so little money!)! Which ones featured here are your favorites?

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