Guac-O-Lantern Dip

Guac-o-Lantern Dip

Want to hear something scary? October is almost over, and I haven't written a single Halloween-themed post!  Usually my blog is filled with Halloween costume how-tos, recipes, and decor. It's not even that I've been doing my usual Halloween stuff and haven't had time to blog. I haven't even done my usual Halloween cooking/crafting/decorating extravaganza in real life. I guess life just happened (that's my standard excuse for 2015).

Well, better late than never. I've got two days left to turn the front yard into a graveyard (thanks to the drought and lawn watering restrictions, the dead grass will make the perfect setting). We'll definitely be carving pumpkins. And I did find time for to make a disgustingly un-appetizing appetizer for Alfie's office Halloween potluck. I like to call it my Guac-O-Lantern Dip!

To make Guac-O-Lantern Dip, take a small pumpkin (about 5 inches in diameter) and carve a jack-o-lantern face into it. Cut out a larger-than-usual mouth. There's no need to scoop out the seeds, just pull out enough to make sure the eyes and mouth are hollowed out.

Next, make or buy some guacamole. No one in our family likes store-bought guacamole that much (too much lemon in it, I guess the lemon is necessary to keep the guac from browning), so I just mash up avocadoes and mix in a splash of olive oil, a dash of lime juice, chopped green onions, chopped cilantro, salt, and pepper. Sometimes I add chopped tomatoes.

Finally, put the jack-o-lantern on one end of a serving platter and spoon the guacamole onto the other end of the platter. Spoon some guacamole into the pumpkin's mouth, letting the guac fall down the chin and onto the platter, making a guacamole trail from the pumpkin to the mound of guacamole. Pull out some of the pumpkin seeds and scatter near the pumpkin. Serve with Boo Chips on the side.

Guac-o-Lantern Dip

That's it; you're done! Now it looks like a greedy little Jack has had too much to eat and tossed his cookies (or, in this case, avocadoes). It's the perfect Halloween party appetizer!

Guac-o-Lantern Dip

Alfie's friends loved my Guac-O-Lantern and happily ate up his puke!

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