Disney themed Taboo cards

Taboo is one of my favorite board games. It's fast paced. You get to play as part of a team. The outcome is not dependent on a dice roll or wheel spin.  It develops quick thinking, creativity, and vocabulary.  Best of all, it's a game where kids can hold their own with their adult opponents or teammates -- even though adults (usually) have the advantage of a greater vocabulary, kids can exploit their own shared vocabulary (Jammy: "How do you describe the black Maserati that we see on the way to school?" 3Po: "Sick!") and shared experiences (3Po: "What is MooMoo the cow's favorite food in Webkinz World?" Jammy: "Banana pudding!").

Given Taboo's appeal, I'm surprised that a Disney version hasn't been created yet!  After all, there are officially licensed Disney versions of Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Candy, Life, and Cranium, to name a few.  Talk about a missed opportunity, Disney!  I'd totally buy a Disney Taboo game -- but it doesn't exist, so I made my own.

Fortunately, making your own Disney Taboo game is a lot easier than making your own Disney Cranium game or Disney Clue game (both of which exist).  All you have to do is create some extra cards with Disney themed guess words.  With all the movies, characters, songs, attractions, foods, places, merchandise and traditions in the Disney universe, you're not likely to run out of ideas for cards.    Here's an example of a card I created:

Here's a link to the full Taboo instructions, but if you're too lazy to read them, here's how to play:

1) Divide your group into 2 teams.

2) When it's your team's turn, designate 1 member to draw a card and try to get his or her team members to guess the underlined word on the card.  In the photo above, the word would be Rapunzel.  The catch is, you cannot use any of the words on the card (the "Taboo" words) to describe the word!  In the photo above,  if you say the words tower, hair, Tangled, or princess, you have to move on to the next card.

3) Each team keeps guessing until their time runs out, then the opposing team gets a turn.

4) The team who guesses the most number of words correctly wins!

It's really a lot of fun to play.  When making the cards, I tried to use common Disney characters and movies that most people would know, without being Disney trivia experts.  I also created some "advanced" cards with more obscure Disney references (i.e. "Kurt Russell" -- if you don't know how he's related to Disney, you're not a Disneyphile!).  Whether you're having a Disney-themed party or just want to add a touch of pixie dust to your family game night, these cards are perfect! Feel free to download and print these cards for your own use (just don't sell them on Etsy or anything because I'm not responsible if the Disney legal team sends you a cease-and-desist letter!).

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