How to make a holiday card holder

In England, giving, receiving and displaying holiday cards is a Big Deal, and it's a tradition I've come to look forward to every year.  Even in this age of Skype and Facebook updates, I still love receiving cards from friends and family, checking out the holiday photos, reading about what they've been up to, seeing how the kids have grown.  What's more, they look so pretty and festive -- hang them up, and they become instant holiday decor!

The traditional English way of displaying holiday cards is to stand them up over the mantelpiece, or string them up along the ceiling, over doorways and windows. That's how we've done it every year -- but this year I decided to try something a bit different.  I made a holiday card hanger to hang over our guest bedroom door.  Here's how to make one for yourself:

You will need:
3 lengths of ribbon, 2.5" wide x 64 " long
l  wooden dowel, 1/2 in. x 18 in.
2 wooden craft wheels
red craft paint

1)  Paint the wooden dowel and wheels with red craft paint.  Let dry.

2)  Attach the wooden wheels onto each end of the dowel.  I used small screws, but you could probably use wood glue.

3)  Sew ribbons onto the dowel.

4) Tie or sew a ribbon hanger onto the dowel.

You're done!  Use clothespins to attach your holiday cards onto the ribbon.  I used regular-sized red plastic clothespins that I found at IKEA, as well as mini wooden clothespins that I bought at Michael's and painted red with craft paint.  You'll need to balance your cards out so the dowel hangs straight.

Enjoy your holiday cards!

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This is so nice. I want to make Plastic Card Holders for school children. How can i do it?