What's for lunch this week?

California rolls, strawberries, cucumbers, olives, ghost donut

A few days ago one of the school lunch moms came up to me and said, "Your boys always have the nicest lunches!  Everyone loves looking at them, and your boys eat up every last bit!".  Wow, you'd think I had won the lunch Oscars or something.  I've been feeling good about making well-balanced, visually appealing,  low-cost lunches, but having someone actually notice (other than myself, of course) really put a smile on my face and inspired me to keep going.  I'm such a sucker for a compliment!

Steamed pork bun, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, Reese's peanut butter brownie

Assorted cheese and crackers, orange, raspberry, apple crumble

Lettuce and turkey rolls, gouda cheese, cheese twists, pineapple chips

Ham and cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, raspberries

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