Seven Days of Dinner, March 5-11

Alfie likes to say I'm a control freak, and I do admit that I, um, enjoy planning things out. That's one of the reasons why my Seven Days of Dinner experiment has been such a success. It feels good knowing that our dinners are all planned out for the week. But even though I've gotten lots of inspiration from blogs and websites like BlogHer, CityMama and This Week For Dinner, I've never actually followed any of their meal plans.

Today I logged on to Yahoo! Mail, and one of the articles on my news feed was Seven Dinner Recipes To Try This Week. It's difficult to resist the temptation to click through when assaulted with the image of Creamy Chicken Enchiladas, and when I saw this recipe for Crisp Tofu with greens and peanut sauce, I remembered the two packs of tofu sitting in my fridge. Thanks to Yahoo! Shine, this week's dinner menu was born, and I didn't even have to think twice:

Salmon with red cabbage
Crisp tofu with greens and peanut sauce
Spaghetti pie
Roasted tomato soup with kale
Beef steak dijon
Creamy chicken enchiladas
Sausage and polenta with vinaigrette
Rosemary garlic pork chop

Full disclosure: I already know in advance that I won't be following this meal plan to the letter. For one thing, since I'm more of a throw-stuff-in-a-pan cook, I doubt if I have it in me to follow 7 recipes in a week. For one thing, it's a bit meat-heavy for our family's tastes, so I'm sure I'll be making substitutions. Finally, Alfie's birthday is this week, so he gets to choose a restaurant for his birthday dinner. But it feels good having a plan anyway.

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