Taken to the Cleaners

I've heard of 24-hour cleaners and eco-friendly cleaners, but psychic cleaners? I actually made a U-turn so I could get a closer look at this sign. Did they know when their clients would be coming around? What sort of mystical powers did they use to clean shirts? Or was this a not-so-subtle way for a so-called psychic to let her clients know she was faking her palm-reading, i.e. taking them to the cleaners? What a deliciously intriguing sign!

Upon closer inspection, I was somewhat disappointed to find out they were two different establishments. I guess I should have known; the cleaners could not possibly be psychic, otherwise they would have known $1.99 was much to low to charge, and they would have painted $2.50 right from the start.

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Lisa Marie Wong said...

I always giggle when I drive by there.