Sometimes funny photos aren't so funny

I was going to write a short post poking fun at this sign -- I mean, come on! Do you really need to say that your bakery is Sanitary? Isn't that, like, a prerequisite rather than a selling point? -- but as it turns out, the story behind the photo is funnier. In an I'm So Stupid kind of way. Because in my rush to park the car and take this photo, I totally forgot to check the parking meter to see whether parking was free on Saturdays.

It wasn't.

In the time it took to snap this photo, enter the bakery and buy two hot cross buns, a meter maid had left a parking ticket on our dashboard. She had come and gone, literally while our backs were turned! Alfie chased her down (she was only a couple of cars ahead, that's how close it was) and begged her to take back the ticket, with no luck. She said she would have allowed us to feed the meter had we caught her before she had written out the ticket, but that once the ticket was issued the only thing we could do is contest it. The fine for an expired meter is $38.

Man, those are some expensive hot cross buns. Maybe I shouldn't complain; they are Sanitary, after all, and you can't put a price on cleanliness and health.

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