Love, from the mouths of babes

Two Valentine's Days ago I wrote a post featuring some thoughts about love from the experts, a.k.a. my kids. Hey, it's true: children love unconditionally, and there's no love more selfless and boundless than a love of a parent for his child. For Valentine's Day this year, I asked them the same questions and they responded with answers that were completely different (3Po was a lot more cooperative this time than he was when he was five), but no less sweet. Here's the lowdown on love, from three people who know how to love and be loved:

What is love?
Love is when you hug, kiss and play with someone, and you like each other.
Pea: Love is when you strongly like each other. It's a bonding between 2 people, and it brings happiness. It's the strongest force in the world -- love makes people kill themselves!
3Po: Don't you know? Love is weddings. It's when you like someone so much that you want to kiss them and hug them and snuggle with them and live with them for the rest of your life.

How old do you have to be to get married?
Some age more than 18.
Pea: 21.
3Po: 18 or older.

How do people decide whom to marry?
By how they treat people. They fall in love somehow, they get together and fall in love and decide, "Hey, let's marry each other!".
Pea: They think about the person they're dating and think about how nice they are -- sometimes also how pretty or handsome they are -- and whether they make you feel good and care about you.
3Po: They marry whomever they like.

When is it okay to kiss someone?
When they tell you, "You can kiss me." Also, if you're about to kiss someone and they don't say anything, then it's okay to kiss them.
Pea: If they are your family or if you are in high school and dating someone.
3Po: Whenever.

Is it better to be single or married?
Married, because then you have someone to be with. I can't really think of why you'd want to be single. If you're single and you get sick, you'd have to hire someone to take care of you.
Pea: Married, because you can depend on someone and not have to pay for your house all alone, and if you have 2 jobs you can go on big vacations together. Also, you'll never be lonely.
3Po: Married, because you have someone to play with.

I can't wait to see what pearls of wisdom they come up with next time! Happy Valentine's Day!


Asianmommy said...

Very cute!

Suzanne said...

Awww..that's so sweet! Children really have the purest form of expression. Its wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Sweet and Funny!

Anonymous said...

Cute post! It will be fun to see if they get older and wiser next year.