I've decided to go with a more unusual interpretation of the "Black" theme. Here's a photo of 3Po and Jammy playing in the school yard. It's more commonly known as The Blacktop, which is a term I had never heard until my kids started elementary school. I suppose it comes from the asphalt they used to give it a nice, smooth finish.

This photo was inspired by the Photo Hunt theme of the week. Feel free to leave links to your own Photo Hunt entries below. And for more black things, click here.


Anonymous said...

this theme lends itself to so many interpretations.

i thought you meant 3PO's head is blacktop :D

Khan Isturis said...

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Razor Ground Force Drifter said...

Interesting about the blacktop. I live in Australia but from New Zealand originally.They call the asphalt on the road here the Black Top or Bitumen. In NZ we used to talk about the tarseal. Is interesting how each country has differences like this.