(Belated) Happy World Gratitude Day!

Did you know that yesterday was World Gratitude Day? In 1977, the United Nations Meditation Group established World Gratitude Day as an opportunity to celebrate the things you are grateful for and to show appreciation for your blessings.

This holiday is great because everyone can take part by acknowledging what you are thankful for -- and I have the perfect venue for bloggers to do it. As many of you know, last month I participated in the Tiny Prints Gratitude Challenge, a 21-day exercise in finding things to grateful for each and every day. Just like with physical exercise, I found that exercising my Gratitude muscles made it easier for me to appreciate the simple, everyday joys in life.

Now, Tiny Prints has opened up the Gratitude Challenge to everyone, and I encourage you all to participate! You'll be in the company of some great bloggers to inspire you along the way. Watch the video above -- some of my fellow bloggers' stories are so touching, you can't but help find things to be grateful for in your own life.

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