Learning to Read

Today 3Po scribbled on a piece of paper:


He asked me to read it out loud to him, so I gamely attempted to translate.

Me: Hut secret say?
3Po: No, mama! "The secret key"!
Me: Oh, sorry. You're right, the secret key. By the way, key begins with K, not C. And the second line is, "Es hedu"?
3Po: No, mama! That says, "Is hidden"!
Me: Ohhhhh.... The secret key is hidden! Sorry about that, I thought that N was a U. Good work!
3Po: Mama, I thought you knew how to read.

I'm so proud of my beginning reader. I think he'll be fine in kindergarten. As for me, I guess I need some reading remedial classes.


Shangrila said...

LOL-too funny! My middle guy is starting to copy words, such a fun and cute stage. BTW-I've been meaning to send you a video of my toddler playing (and playing and playing!) with the Playschool Ball Center you gave us, along with a big, "Thank you!" I'll get on that.

Anonymous said...

Haha! On the same note, Belli wrote this:


that is, "all about me" !!
She was trying to make a "book" about herself :)