The Magic Chalkboard

One morning, 3Po wanted some oatmeal for breakfast, but to his dismay found none in our cereal cupboard. Alfie wanted oatmeal as well, so he wrote "Oatmeal" on the chalkboard that serves as our shopping list.

Alfie: See here, 3Po, I'm going to write "oatmeal" on this chalboard, and in a couple of days, a box of oatmeal is going to appear in our cereal cupboard! Isn't that great?

Several days later, I still hadn't gotten around to shopping at Safeway, so the boys still hadn't gotten their oatmeal fix. A Lego catalog came in the mail, and 3Po and Jammy spent a long time poring over the contents. Every so often they would come up to me and ask me to buy them some Lego. I would respond with, "It's not Christmas and it's not your birthday, so I'm not buying you any Lego.

Finally, 3Po stared hard at the shopping list chalkboard and announced:

3Po: Mama, I want to write "Lego" on that chalkboard. Then someday I will open up the cereal cupboard and there will be some Lego in it!

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Kim Moldofsky said...

What a great story to start my day. That's so cute!