Armani saves my ass

I hate shopping for jeans. It's so difficult to find the right pair that fits me that I just don't bother looking anymore. But last weekend I managed to find a great-fitting pair of jeans -- skinny jeans, no less! I went shopping with my cousin Angie, who is the essence of boho chic. She mentioned how much she loved the jeans that her best friend (who works at Armani Exchange) had just gotten for her with her employee discount. I thought, I need new jeans and I've never tried Armani. Why not? I left Alfie with the kids and the promise, "I won't buy anything unless you see it first".

Famous last words. As soon as the jeans were on, I fell in love. Angie raved about how they looked on me. Her friend was about to end her shift and take her 30% discount with her. What choice did I have? I figured I could always return them if I had second thoughts. Nope. And icing on the cake.... Alfie thinks they look hot. So please forgive my self-indulgence and MySpace-esque narcisissm, but I am posting this little homage to my new skinny jeans.

Comfy, stylish, flattering to the ass -- and 30% off. Perfect. Now excuse me, I'm going to celebrate with a double scoop of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

Okay, make it a single.


Anonymous said...

I love them! You look fantastic.

(Now I need you to admit how much they were even after the 30% off so I know if I should run out and buy some or run away.)

MJ Tam said...

If any jean can make me look hot, I will buy it and live in it...LOL

But you don't need an Armani to look hot! You already look like a hot mama :-)