A spoonful of sugar

It's a funny thing: I will scour the internet for hours on end to find a discount coupon worth $10 but if you were to offer to hire me for $5 an hour to do research, I would be insulted. The thrill of the chase and the scrooge-y satisfaction of getting something at a discount make it all worthwhile, I guess.

Which is why, after hours of searching, I'm thrilled to have finally found a free shipping offer for The Pea's Christmas present. It's certainly making that humble pie taste a lot ($10.95, to be more precise) better:

* Free shipping on purchases of $100 or more at American Girl: use promotional code 158117, valid until 11/20/07

And since the holiday season is fast approaching, here are some more discounts I found that will help take some of the sting out of your holiday budgets:

* Go to www.julieoffer.com to save $23.99 on gift sets for latest American Girl doll, Julie Albright

* $5 off purchases of $35 or more at the Lego Store: use coupon code SP117, valid until 12/31/07

* 15% off purchases at the Disney Store: use coupon code 3199, valid until 12/24/07

* 15% off purchases at The Childrens Place: use webcode H2EMJ736IJB7, valid until 12/09/07

* Free shipping at LLBean, no minimum purchase, no code needed, valid until 12/21/07

Happy swallowing, I mean shopping!


ShannanB said...

Thanks for sharing, these are great. My oldest, Sean is really into Legos this year.

baby clothes said...

Oops, I'm maybe late for this offering. However, I'm still hoping to have a disney store discount coupon.