More Free Shipping: LL Bean

Hey, I'm starting to enjoy this! Okay, from now on, every time I get a decent coupon in the mail or email, I'll pass it on here.

Free Shipping with no minimum purchase from LL Bean online (expires 1/1/08):
  1. Click "Redeem Coupon, Gift Card or Promotion" when you reach the "Place Your Order" screen during checkout.
  2. Enter the following code: LL 7420530 (note: I'm not sure whether you need to type in just the number, or include the "LL" as well, I haven't actually used the coupon yet).

Happy Shopping!


meowminx said...

I don't think I can use that coupon here in England. :(

Whirlwind said...

ohh I can use that. I know there was a reason I was procrastinating on buying daughters backpack...


bonggamom said...

Meowminx, perhaps if you order by phone and mention the coupon code, they might knock off some amount from the international shipping charges? I know that for people ordering via phone, they can still get the free shipping if they ask for it, but I don't know about international... hope this helps.