25 Easter Egg fillers for teens and adults

Easter is just 1 week away! Now that the kids are teenagers, we no longer attend Easter Egg hunts, but we still like to keep the celebration going with our own egg hunts in our back yard. Easter Egg fillers graduated from candy and stickers and erasers to Lego minifigs, dollar coins, and Disney trading pins.  There are lots of teen and grown-up trinkets that can fit into an Easter Egg!  Who says the little kids get to have all the fun?! Here are some ideas for Easter Egg fillers that grownups will love:

25 Easter Egg Fillers for Teens and Adults

  1. washi tape
  2. paper clips
  3. expanding tshirt
  4. travel candle
  5. bath salts
  6. bath bombs
  7. golf balls
  8. poker chips
  9. cuff links
  10. earrings
  11. bracelets
  12. charms
  13. tie clip
  14. travel sized lotion
  15. eye shadow compact
  16. tiny jam jar
  17. essential oils
  18. sneaker balls
  19. earbuds
  20. charging cable
  21. key chains
  22. trading pins
  23. lip gloss
  24. nail stickers
  25. nail polish

Need ideas for non-food Easter Egg fillers that the kiddos will love? I wrote a post on Carb DM about this very topic! Click here to read the article.

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