Celebrating American Independence... with Japanese food

Ah... the 4th of July. No doubt you've made lots of wonderful Independence Day 2011 memories involving flags, parades, sparklers, watermelon, hot dogs, ribs, burgers.... and sushi?

Well, why not?! One of the things I like best about living in the US is the diversity of people and cultures (at least in my area). Admittedly, the US does not have a monopoly on melting pots -- think of London or Paris -- but I think we have one of the most open immigration policies in the world, and that's a good thing. People come from all over the world to live here, and when they bring knowledge, expertise, and values -- and the whole country is better off for it.

Just think, if J.H. Heinz's parents had not immigrated to the US from Germany, you might not have been able to slather all that Heinz ketchup on your hotdog yesterday!

Besides, it was so hot yesterday, I didn't even want to think about firing up the grill or turning on the stove. The weather was perfect for cold, fresh sushi, washed down with good old-fashioned lemonade. And I had just learned how to make sushi (it's way easier than I thought!! Stay tuned for a how-to-make-sushi post, coming soon!). So celebrated our freedom of expression and exercised our right to eat whatever we wanted and chowed down to one of the best 4th of July meals we've ever had.

Happy Fourth, everyone!

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