BlogHer Book Club: The Kid

Have you seen the movie Precious? Or read Push, the book that it was based on? If you liked it, you'll probably like the author's latest book, "The Kid", which tells the story of Precious' son. I recently reviewed The Kid for the BlogHer Book Club, and everyone agrees with me when they say this book is not an easy one to read. The book is written entirely from The Kid's point of view, swear words and grammatical errors and all. Also, the abuse he has to endure is cringe-worthy. If anyone thinks removing priests who molest children don't need to be thrown in jail, just removed from their post, should read this book. The only reason I was able to keep going was the thought of this kid dancing his way to salvation (it helps that we're right in the middle of So You Think You Can Dance -- I can easily imagine him as a contestant on stage, although what he would do if Nigel Lythgoe starts trashing his performance, I have no idea!). But you'll have to read the book to find out the whole story! Read my review of The Kid over at BlogHer.

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